How To Fly Private For Under $1000

If you thought that charting a private jet is above your price point, does not fit within your budget, or is only for the famous, think again. The possibility for you to fly private for under $1000 is possible. Times are changing, and the industry of private aviation no longer requires that an individual be rich, own their own aircraft, or employ their own pilots. Now travelers can fly private through the option of ‘empty leg air travel.’ This type of travel is a chosen alternative to the options of commercial air travel, or private jet charters.

‘Empty legs’ are flights that occur after dropping a client off at the intended destination, and repositioning to the next airport for a future client. These flights are trips that must go, whether empty, or with passengers, because another client has booked that aircraft at another destination. Empty leg travel offers clients an opportunity to travel in luxury, for what can be the equivalent to the cost of a commercial airline ticket, but minus the hassle.

Tim Mulder, a private jet pilot understands the importance, and the benefits of booking empty leg flights. “Owners spend so much on an aircraft sitting, or flying empty, that it only makes sense to book the plane with another individual, or group,that wants to,or needs to travel. Booking empty legs increases efficiency, and decreases the environmental footprint that air travel causes, both of which are positives. In addition, for those individuals that prefer to avoid the chaos of commercial travel, with security lines, and aircraft delays, but may not have the budget to book a scheduled charter, empty leg air travel is a wonderful alternative. It is the experience of comfort, and class, without the costs associated,” says Tim.

Cost, or convenience is not the only appealing aspect of private jet travel, and empty leg flight bookings. One aspect is the spontaneous nature that is included with empty leg travel. No longer does one need to book months in advance to find flight deals, but can travel inexpensively on short notice. “I booked a last minute weekend trip to surprise my girlfriend once. She couldn’t believe it, and still thinks that I spoiled her and spent every last penny on that vacation. I spoiled her- yes, but she doesn’t know how affordable empty leg air travel is,” says Derek, a thirty-something California resident.

Royaljets is one company that is now offering more options for individuals to fly in luxury, less the ultra luxurious cost. Prices start as low as $1000 for empty leg flight bookings. Popular destinations include the laid back fun of San Diego, the trendy nightlife of Miami, and the non-stop glitz of Las Vegas. Not only for a vacation party, but also convenient for business travel empty leg flights are a great option for that pop-up business meeting in San Francisco, or Washington D.C. For work or for play, private aviation has endless options for all income levels.

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