Why People Charter Private Jets

For most people chartering a private jet is not that common. It all sounds very glamorous and tempting, but what is chartering a jet all about? Why would someone charter a corporate jet if they can fly at a much lower price with a first class service on a scheduled airline?

Save Time

The quick answer to this question generally is “time”. Time is one of the most popular reasons for people to charter a business jet. So let’s look at this a little closer; how does chartering an aircraft save you time? First of all, when you charter an executive jet; you can basically choose your own date and time of departure, so even if you’re running a little late, the aircraft will wait for you.

Secondly, there is no need to check-in hours before your flight departure; all you have to do is show up 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time of departure, clear customs, and hop on the aircraft. Chartering a jet can also help you avoid airport transfers in big hubs, and so instead of using two or more different aircraft for one journey, you use only one all the way and once again, you save time.

Fly to Remote Locations

Another well known and valid reason for chartering an executive jet is because chartering enables you to fly to airports and destinations which commercial airlines do not cater to. For example, there are many remote destinations in Africa and the Middle East which CEO’s, VIP’s and other business men and women still need to visit. Private Jets are often used to bring small groups of people to War Zones or other remote locations which commercial airlines don’t serve.


And finally, the glamorous reason for chartering your very own private jet is the “exclusivity” of it all. When you charter an aircraft, you rent the entire aircraft just for you and your own private usage. This way you avoid crowds, noisy people around you when you want to sleep; you get to choose your own special catering requests, and you enter and exit the airports with almost nobody knowing about it.

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