You can drive this private jet on the road

Love aeroplanes but hate flying? Enjoy driving but can't stand cars? Your prayers have been answered - this is the Senzati Jet Sprinter, Britain's first super-luxury people carrier.

Granted, setting eyes on the Mercedes Sprinter-based Jet Sprinter doesn't exactly make your heart burst. But the inside is a thing of wonder. Slick and sleek, yet almost laughably comfortable. The seats are plush, padded and would provide ample legroom for LeBron James, offering electric headrests, 12-point massage (heating and cooling) and air lumbar support as well as independent lighting and climate control. Climate control! Your seat has a climate.

What other luxuries lie to store? Take a deep breath. It has 6'4 feet of headroom, seating for up to eight passengers, an optional private bathroom, a fully connected mobile office and entertainment system, custom built all-pampering seats, maximum privacy and security and an (optional) hostess service to look after you on your journey. It's a staggering arsenal of opulence, all of which will undeniably ease the pain of a traffic jam on the M4.

The Jet Sprinter comes in four different models, each boasting their own specific set of features. You can choose your desired floorplan and design the interior from what the manufacturer ambitiously describes as an 'infinite' selection of materials and colours. Indeed each vehicle can be custom built to order (so think of the £230,000 price as an opening salvo). Whether the same is true of the hostess is a question for Senzati.