10 Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s Travel Habits

The annual TripBarometer – Global Travel Economy report is out, revealing some surprising things about how travelers around the world plan their trips.

The report is a result of an online survey–conducted with the help of research firm Ipsos–that yielded more than 44,000 responses from travelers and hoteliers all over the world. Here are ten of the study’s most surprising findings:

1. Optimists - Thai travelers are projecting the biggest increase in holiday spending year on year, with estimated household holiday budgets in Thailand rising by a whopping 35%.

2. Big Spenders –Swiss travelers are set to be the biggest average spenders overall, with an average annual holiday budget of $12,100 (11,500 Swiss Francs).

3. Inspired By Film – One in four Indonesian travelers plan to visit a destination in the next 12 months because they have seen it on TV or in a movie.

4. Sightseers – Chinese travelers are the most likely to spend money on sightseeing as a special treat while on vacation.

5. Dreaming of Down Under – The number one dream destination for global travelers is Australia, although among global retirees the most popular dream destination is Italy.

6. Foodies – One in two British travelers say they would splurge on a special meal out as a holiday treat.

7. Staycation – One in six Indian travelers plan to take at least 7 domestic vacations in 2015, more than any other nationality.

8. Going Solo – Chinese travelers are the most likely to travel solo – one in five embarked on their last trip alone.

9. Getting Trim – One in ten global travelers say they are waiting to be fitter before they travel to their dream destination.

10. Learning the Lingo – One in five Brazilian travelers plan to learn the local language before taking their dream trip.

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