Passenger jet cabins to 'become more cramped' as manufacturers squeeze on more seats

Air passengers could soon find themselves with even less room on board passenger jets after it was revealed manufacturers are plotting to squeeze more seats in cabins. Boeing and Airbus, the two main plane manufacturers, are currently working on their new ranges of aircrafts - which are reported to include completely reconfigured cabins containing a greater number of seats.

Travellers looks set to be squeezed in after it was revealed that both the Boeing 737 MAX, due in 2017, and the Airbus A320neo, due in late 2016, are being made from blueprints that cram in as many seats as possible. Jets this size traditionally have around 160 seats but according to reports, the Boeing 737 MAX will see this increase to 189 for most airlines but a whopping 200 forRyanair.

It has been reported that Airbus has recently received permission from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to increase the number of seats on board its new A320neo from the planned 180 to 195.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said the increased number of seats could see prices go down as rival airlines compete for business. He said: "“It means that we are going to expand and grow very strongly in Europe, both in new markets and in going in and taking traffic away from incumbent carriers. “I hope it will hasten in an era of a new price war in Europe over the next 10 years.”

The controversial boss has also revealed that the extra seating is predicted to generate around £730,000 in revenue per plane per year, but admitted that the new plane would use "slim" seating.

It has been claimed that not all space to accommodate the new seating will come at the expense of leg room, with some experts suggesting the gaps between rows could also be reduced.

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