Pros vs. Cons of Landing a Private Jet at a Major Airport

Can a private jet land at a major airport? Sure, but you may want to determine the following pros and cons before you make a final decision on where to land.

PROS to landing at a large commercial airport:

  • Major airports are generally located near a major city. This means easier access in and out of the city for business or leisure.

  • Greater options for car rentals and other services

  • Separate facilities for general aviation planes, avoiding the passenger terminals

  • Higher caliber of facilities for waiting on your flight or transportation from the airport

CONS to landing at a large commercial airport:

  • Commercial airports will give priority landing to airlines.

  • Commercial airports will institute flow-procedures, or ground holds, in anticipation of bad weather. Smaller local airports might not necessarily establish that same ground hold.

  • All major airports will charge a landing fee/ handling fee. In the winter, fees for de-icing will be expensive and probably delay departure due to higher number of aircraft needing de-icing.

  • Fuel charges tend to be more expensive

  • Greater delays on the ground prior to take off – air traffic control can handle x number of movements at a time and integrating general aviation aircraft into the commercial flow can delay taxi and take off.

A few points to consider before arranging to land a private jet at a commercial airport. Amaka Global Airways Consultants are standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!

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