The 10 most expensive airports to land your private jet

It is a problem the average traveller doesn't often have to deal with. But for those lucky few who travel the world by private jet, the landing fees charged at airports can differ dramatically, with some surprising hubs asking for the highest fees. The high landings fees give an insight into some of the most unexpectedly popular transport hubs for the rich and famous, from Salzburg, in Austria, to Darwin, in Australia.

Travelling by private jet is a growing trend, with 2.5 million private flights recorded in the US in 2013 (the latest statistics) and 705,000 in Europe. It a huge industry for the rich and famous, with its market worth $16.7trillion in the US and $15.8trillion in Europe. The busiest weekends unsurprisingly occur during huge sporting events, with the Super Bowl in America and the Monaco Grand Prix the priciest times of year to fly and the busiest weekends for private jets companies. Private jet companies were estimating costs from New York to Glendale for the Super Bowl this year at around $38,000 (£25,322) on a medium jet and $54,000 (£35,983) on a long-range jet for a round-trip. For the Monaco Grand Prix in May, the trip is a more affordable £8,835 ($13,253) from London to Cannes and £8,895 (£13,343) from London to Nice.

According to private jet charter company PrivateFly, one of the most popular routes in the world is the short hop from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which costs around £2,890 ($4,340). While Milan dot Rome is the most popular in Europe, a 50-minute flight costing around $5,880 one way. But if you want to fly into any of these 10 airports, you'll be paying much more than that in landing fees.

Website The Richest has compiled a list of the most expensive airports for landing fees, which are based on the 767-400 aircraft, which can hold up to 50 passengers but is often customised for private use. Surprisingly, the three most expensive airports for landing fees are in Japan.

By far the most expensive airport is Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, where planes are charged a whopping £4,559 ($6,850) just for the privilege of landing. Welcoming almost 69 million passengers a year, and still maintaining an incredibly high punctuality rating, it is perhaps understandable that fees can be high. Tokyo's Narita International Airprot comes second, charging £3,728 ($5,600), while Kansai International Airport in Osaka charges £3,594 ($5,400) per landing.

Some what surprisingly, the UK's Bristol Airport makes it into the top 10 as the only British airport featured, charging £2,929 ($4,400) per private jet landing, just behind Toronto in Canada and Darwin, Australia. The only US airport to make it into the top 10 is LaGuardia, in New York, which charges $3,950 (£2,630) for private jets arriving in the city. Other unexpected appearances in the top 10 also include Dublin Airport, in eighth place and Salzburg, in Austria, in 10th.

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