Recent data suggests that business aviation flights are increasing

Although US routes dominate the world’s private jet market, journeys between emerging markets and the world’s leading cities are some of the fastest growing, according to NetJets and Knight Frank. According to a recent report, 60% of private flights start and end in the US. Europe is the second largest market, accounting for 25% of all flights. 30% of the most frequented routes in Europe either start or finish in London.

While Dubai and the UAE as a whole are seeing increasing traffic, the Middle East’s position as the world’s third largest market is being challenged by the rise of traffic in China and Brazil. Since 2010, the number of private flights from Brazil to Europe has grown 20% each year, with France, Spain, Portugal and the UK proving the main destinations. NetJets has also seen the total number of flight hours for its flights departing from Brazil increase by 42% year on year between 2013 and 2014.

“It’s the emerging-market data which proves the most insightful," says Liam Bailey, Knight Frank global head of research. "Latin American investment in Europe, for example, has long been overshadowed by the larger scale investment flowing into Miami and other US hotspots."

Added NetJets Europe Executive Director and Head of Sales Marine Eugene: “Our data shows that while the private jet market has stayed relatively flat in recent years, traffic is starting to pick up in line with the recovery seen in the US, and to a lesser extent, European economies. It is also encouraging to see emerging markets such as Brazil and China beginning to mature and contribute a larger share of global private jet traffic."

Top routes

1. Moscow - Nice/Cote D Azur

2. Miami - New York

3. New York - Los Angeles

4. London - West Palm Beach

5. London - New York

6. London - Moscow

7. London - Nice/Cote D. Azur

8. Chicago - New York

9. Houston - New York

10 West Palm Beach - New York

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