A look aboard the Four Seasons Branded Private jet

The Four Seasons blew the lid off the luxury hotel game when they announced their very own private 757 jet in February 2014, followed up by an impressive list of journeys that would include a ride in the private jet and a stay at a Four Season hotel, or several Four Seasons hotels.

Since most of us don't have $100,000 to blow on a Four Seasons jet joyride, we'll have to settle for some photos. Feast your eyes on the interiors of the Four Seasons Jet, which includes Dom Perignon bubbly at your lie-flat seat (there are 52 of them), Bose headphones, Bulgari amenity kits, Mongolian cashmere blankets, and iPads for your in-flight entertainment. There's a staff of 10 to accommodate you including an executive chef and a sous chef so you may actually enjoy your airplane meal.


The culmination of a vision to deliver a fully immersiveFour Seasons Private Jet Experience both in the air and on the ground, every element of the private jet journey has been re–imagined and designed through the Four Seasonslens to capture the company's signature aesthetic, style and legendary service in the sky. Building on a history of innovation, the Four Seasons Private Jet exemplifies the company's commitment to evolving the guest experience to anticipate and exceed the changing needs of the modern luxury traveller.

Contemporary design combined with luxurious finishes is featured throughout the aircraft. The interior is light and fresh, featuring carefully placed contrasts in colour palette and texture. From the hand-crafted leather flatbed seats by specialised aerospace Italian designer Iacobucci and hand-woven woollen carpeting to fine tableware, cosy Mongolian cashmere blankets and cabin crew uniforms, no detail has been overlooked.

The exterior makeover of the aircraft has been conceived to stand the test of time – and high altitude – both for endurance and design aesthetic thanks to a high-gloss black finish and the largest rendition ever of the Four Seasons tree logo – a worldwide symbol of luxury hospitality and personalised service for more than 50 years.

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