Belgium airspace is closed today and all flights suspended due to a power cut

Belgocontrol, the Belgian air traffic control agency, says the power failure is due to an overvoltage. No aircraft are allowed to land or take off from Belgian airports and the airspace will remain closed until at least 17.30 local time. It has been reported that there is chaos at the airports, including Brussels National Airport, with over 100 flights cancelled and others diverted. Queues are growing, and more and more airline flights are being cancelled and delayed.

Private jets are subject to the same restrictions by Belgocontrol and flights already planned to and from Belgian airports have been cancelled. But the agility of private jet charter means we are able to arrange last minute private charter flights for our clients from other airports, which are a short drive across the border in neighbouring countries. Alternative airports include Lille Airport in France, or Maastricht Aachen Airport in the Netherlands. Our Flight Team can also arrange rapid ground transportation to reach the alternative airport.

We are working in this way with existing private flights and with new clients, who are looking at private charter options, due to airline cancellations. For advice on private charter options from Belgium and alternative airports, our multilingual Flight Team are available 24 hours.