How Businesses Use Private Jets

From recent surveys of companies that use business aircraft the results are not surprising how these critical business tools are used. The value of utilizing a private jet for business can be confirmed by the numbers, the overwhelming majority of business aircraft utilization is due to the pitfalls of the commercial airlines:

  • 64% of businesses that use a private aircraft is because the commercial airlines schedules do not support their needs

  • 19% of the respondents needs are to reach remote locations not supported by the airlines

  • 6% of the usage is due to industrial or personal security reasons

  • 1% are to make a connection with a commercial airline from a remote airfield

  • 9% stated other reasons

While most business aircraft are owned by the companies that fly them,they also sometimes utilize private jet charters, fractional ownership, leasing or partnerships.

On-demand air charter provides companies immediate access to business aircraft and flights operate on the passenger's schedule. Charter companies that provide on-demand charter, with often save the traveler money by sourcingempty leg flights.

Companies that charter frequently will often purchase a block of charter time, usually at a reduced rate. Jet card programs are also popular allowing the purchaser to buy typically 25 hours of flight time, without requiring any long-term commitment.

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