In-Flight Catering: Food on the Fly

When you turned your back on commercial flights, it’s likely that you were thrilled to leave behind intrusive (and perhaps pointless) security procedures, long slow lines, unpredictable delays, noisy flights, and of course, one of the worst parts — dry, flavorless airplane food. Of course, now the commercial flights have even eliminated that, and passengers file onto the plane clutching their fast food and making the whole plane smell like french fries. We bet you don’t miss a minute of it.

On your private jet, however, the food you enjoy and the food you have in-flight don’t have to be different. You wouldn’t accept a boring and tasteless meal on the ground, so why do it in the air? Especially when there are so many catering options available to you.

In-flight catering companies used to be rare, but then, so were private jets once. These days, you can get some truly exceptional food service — plus you don’t have to worry whether your special dietary restrictions are noted by the flight attendant. In-flight catering can offer anything from simple sandwiches and fruit and cheese plates to sushi and rare wines.

As you well know, every jet is different and some don’t have the ability to heat food — just to refrigerate it. Others have galleys, but they are certainly not as well-equipped as the kitchen in your home. No matter what your jet’s capabilities, you’ll need to inform your private chef or catering company about the features they have to work with so they can design the right in-flight dining service for you.

Of course, galley makeovers are a budding trend, and a welcome enhancement in jet interior refurbishment — you might consider one if you think you’ll be doing a lot of in-flight dining. The options you get in-flight are likely to be more expensive than any catering you’ve had in the past, since meals need to be prepared and stored differently in the limited space available in an aircraft. But on a long flight or when there are children aboard or when you want to impress a client or potential business partner, in-flight catering can be well worth the effort. After all, fine dining in the air used to be one of the most talked-about features of commercial flights.

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