How long does it take to charter an Executive jet?

Have you ever thought of Chartering your very own Executive Jet rather than buying a first class ticket on a scheduled airline? Many times, people that have thought of chartering their own Executive Jet wonder how long it really takes to arrange for an Executive Jet to be ready on the tarmac. In this article we will explore the most common scenarios and show what needs to be considered before your Executive Jet can be ready for takeoff.

From the moment you decide that you want to charter an Executive Jet, there are a lot of things that need to happen before you can actually enjoy your very own Exec Jet charter experience. Following are typically the steps to follow along with their respective timelines:

Step 1 – Find a suitable Executive Jet for your Charter at an acceptable price

Generally the quickest way to find an Executive Jet is to use a Charter Broker. Charter Brokers will have a large database of Executive Jet operators and will know which type of Executive Jet you will need (in terms of range, speed, capacity) for you Charter requirement. Brokers that work 24/7 can generally provide information on availability and pricing within 2 Hours of receiving the enquiry.

Step 2 – Sign a Charter Agreement

Once you have found an Executive Jet of your choice and have agreed on a price you will need to sign a Charter Agreement in order to ensure that the Exec Jet is blocked and scheduled for your charter flight. It is preferable to sign the agreement with the Aircraft Operator who actually has commercial control over the Executive Jet directly – Typically it will take 1 hour to generate the Charter Agreement with the proper name and flight details, and then another hour for the charterer to read through, sign and send it back. Always make sure your Charter Agreement is countersigned by the operator.

Step 3 – Make the payment

As always in aviation, all payments are made in full and in advance. When you book a ticket on an airline, you can only board the aircraft provided you have paid for your flight. The same goes for when you charter an Executive Jet. You can’t pay the bill once you have arrived. Payments are generally made by wire transfer, however, some executive jet operators also accept credit card or cash prior to departure. Take note of the time it will take for the funds to hit the operator’s account when you make a wire transfer. This may take a day or longer.

Step 4 – Flight preparation

After contract and payments are done, the executive jet operator will start preparing the flight, i.e. arranging for all overflight permits, landing permits, catering, aircraft handling, pilots etc. – depending on the countries for which permits are required, and whether it is a weekend or a weekday, this may take 24-48 hours.

Step 5 – Show up and Fly

Now it is finally time to show up and step into your Chartered Executive Jet!, Enjoy your flight. In summary you should count minimum 1 day for contract and payment plus 1 day for permits and arrangements. Although it is possible to arrange flights at shorter notice; and brokers will have experience with arranging Executive Jet charters in a matter of hours, it is preferable that you plan things well in advance in order to avoid last minute disappointments.

Amaka Global Airways recommends booking an Executive Jet approx 2-3 weeks in advance. For more information or advice on Chartering an Executive Jet please contact us.

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