The Productivity Benefits of Business Jet Travel

If you’re tired of defending your private jet investment as an essential business productivity tool, take heart. Even professional sports is recognizing the benefits of travel on private aircraft, and a number of eye-opening statistics could make it easier to justify your business jet to critics.

Professional athletes and business travelers

Professional athletes are business travelers, too, and the stress of flying takes a heavy toll on them. In fact, a 2008 study showed that traveling baseball teams that cross three time zones are 60% more likely to lose their game. The inconveniences and discomforts of commercial or even chartered flights leave athlete travelers drained, depleted, and discouraged before they even get to their destination.

Air travel’s productivity-sapping effects on athletes motivated Nike and Seattle design firm Teague to design a private jet that’s perfect for transporting professional basketball teams to away games. The concept is called Home-Team Advantage at 40,000 Feet, and was conceived to improve travel conditions for NBA team players in order to boost their chances of winning away games. Losing isn’t in the game plan for NBA teams, and we’re willing to bet it’s not in your business’ game plan, either.

Productivity benefits of flying private

The same level of focus that enhances athletes’ productivity — recovery, sleep, circulation, and thinking time — applies to business travelers as well. A 2009 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) survey revealed that respondents were 20% more productive on a company aircraft when compared to being in the office and 40% more productive than when traveling on a commercial aircraft. Consider these additional facts about private jets’ productivity benefits:

  • When speed is important, private jets are faster. Private jets often reach their destinations more quickly than commercial aircraft because they spend less time waiting on the ground, avoid TSA delays, and land at smaller airports with smaller crowds, which are often closer to your target destination.

  • More comfort means better performance on the ground. A quiet environment, more comfortable seats, and high-quality lighting make a private jet ideal for a restful and rejuvenating flight experience versus the relative discomfort of commercial flying. All this means you arrive rested and ready for your next move.

  • Better privacy makes it easier to conduct important business. The confidential environment of a private jet simply can’t be matched by any commercial flight — even in first class.

For business executives, professional athletes, and anyone else whose work requires them to be in many different places, the productivity offered by a private jet is undeniable. With the benefits of less time on the ground, a faster trip, and comfort and privacy that allows you to get work done, a private aircraft is a smart investment. Contact Amaka Global Airways if you need assistance in purchasing or selling a private jet.

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