Private Jet Charter - On Demand vs. Fractional Ownership

Fractional jet ownership is a business model from the 1980's that has become outdated given that the demand for private aviation has changed in many ways. Utilizing the On-Demand model that allows you to fly when you want, where you want and only pay for the time you fly.

One of the heaviest burdens of fractional jet ownership is that you have fractional responsibility for its upkeep. You pay fees on your private jet even when you are not flying. On-Demand clients get more for their money with no acquisition costs, no monthly maintenance fees and no long-term contracts.

Another benefit to On-Demand private jet charter service is that you are able to travel in any aircraft type or size. Unlike the fractional programs where you are vested in a specific singe private jet, if it is in for maintenance you either fly commercial or charter another private jet at your own expense.

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