Custom interior work that includes soundproofing can cost about $35 million for a single-aisle plane

Sure, you can add gold faucets to the bathroom and high thread-count sheets to the master, but is there any greater luxury than experiencing true peace and quiet while you fly? Many jet owners are discovering that the most lavish upgrade is one you can't see — or, more importantly, can't hear: Soundproofing. But creating a truly quiet environment is no easy task, as many variables contribute to all that noise: Flaps, spoilers, aircraft altitude, fuselage construction (that is, aluminum or composite), engine speed, the fresh air circulation system, and more. Fortunately, today's aviation soundproofing experts are up to handling that challenge.

By adding extra insulation and replacing climate control units, engineers can bring the decibel level inside the cabin to below 50. That is quiet enough to enable you to speak at conversational volume to someone more than six feet away, and is half as loud as the quietest seat on the quietest plane currently on the market, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

To put 50 decibels into perspective, a typical home is usually in the 50 to 55dB range, a brand-new business jet has cabin noise in the low 60dB at most, and a turboprop aircraft or helicopter cabin usually exceeds 90dB. Mohammed Alzeer, general partner of Gore Design Completions, says the quietest plane he's worked on was 46dB. "You could hear a whisper, literally," he says. Jet owners know that customizing aircraft is an investment, and all modifications have to be FAA approved. Adjusting the engine to muffle the sound means engineers are modifying systems directly related to safety.

Custom interior work that includes soundproofing can cost about $35 million for a single-aisle plane. Although soundproofing is pricey, many frequent flyers couldn't think of a better investment, especially those trying to conduct business en route. For many jet owners, being able to focus on the business at hand during an in-flight meeting in quiet comfort is priceless. So go ahead and whisper to your fellow passenger across the soundproofed cabin, "Can you hear me now?" The answer will be a resounding "Yes!" Contact Amaka Global Airways if you need assistance in purchasing or selling a private jet.

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