The Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner is a long-range business jet and an epitome of luxury travel

The Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner (ACJ319) offers unprecedented luxury and comfort in long distance private business travel. The corporate version is usually configured to hold 18 or 19 people, but can be reconfigured according to a company’s preferences, and can accommodate up to 50 passengers. The A319 belongs to the A320 family which features cabins that are approximately twice as wide as traditional high-end business jets. This allows passengers increased comfort, space and freedom of movement during their travel. The Airbus A319 has the range to fly intercontinental distances, as well as non-stop within continents. The Airbus A319 Corporate Jet is often compared to the Gulfstream 550 and Bombardier Global Express, but offers a roomier interior than its competitors.

Indian billionaire, Vijay Mallya, head of the United Breweries Group, owns an A319. With 6,000 cubic feet of living space, his private jet can carry up to 24 passengers, while being powered by CFM International's CFM5605 engines. The Airbus A319 is also the aircraft of choice for the Emirates Executive private jet service. Their version is designed to accommodate up to 19 people, with the front of the aircraft featuring a dining room and an executive lounge which can seat 12 people. In front of two large sofas are mechanically activated tables which can be raised when necessary. On two 42-inch LCD screens passengers can watch one of 1500 channels of in-flight entertainment.

The front of the Airbus A319 provides the perfect working environment with SATCOM, printer and fax facilities. Airbus highlights one of the features of the aircraft’s onboard operational effectiveness: its digital cabin management system, which controls cabin-related tasks ranging from interior lighting, pre-recorded messages and emergency evacuation signaling to potable water management. It also can perform the checkout of all service units from a single point.

The advanced navigation technology developed for the Airbus A320 Family is available on the A319. The use of RNP-AR (Required Navigation Precision – Authorization Required) procedures combined with RTA (Required Time of Arrival) operations eliminates the need for holds during a flight. This enables a continuous descent approach, resulting in lower noise and reduced fuel burn when less engine thrust is needed. Also available on the jets is the Runway Overrun Prevention Systems (ROPS) which increases pilots’ situational awareness during landing—providing extra protection if necessary. The AirbusA319 has a range of 6835 miles (11,100 km), and a wing span of 117 ft (35.8 m). Its overall length is 110 ft (33.84 m). Contact us at if you have charter or sales inquiries about the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet.

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