This Global Express Private Jet is plated in polished Gold

Taking the super-rich to new heights, this billionaire’s custom designed private jet is plated in polished gold. Mr. Darwin and Katerina Deason fly in five-star style with their 19 passenger Global Express 9141 aircraft that on average costs upwards of $15 million. With a net worth of $1.38 billion, American businessman Darwin Deason and his wife went straight to interior designer Donna Cruthis of Jet Aviation in St. Louis to design both the interior and exterior of their plane.

Focusing on a very refined look, the aircraft’s interior balances soft and masculine elements with an overall traditional design. The Deasons selected a Tai Ping silk handmade carpet for the floor.

This custom aircraft features not only one, but two lavatories with polished gold sinks, faucets, and knobs, as well as marble countertops.

In the galley, the countertops are Crema Marfil marble and the cabinetry is a combination of two species, a Myrtle Burl and cherry wood with marquetry inlays. The metal knobs are all plated in gold.

Over a 14-week period, Cruthis tailored the aircraft’s design to suit the sophisticated taste of the Deasons, by ensuring no detail was missed. The Deasons prefer a more monochromatic color scheme that Cruthis perfected in this very refined aircraft. “My wife loves it and I love it,” said Mr. Deason. “She [Donna] is really good at delivering to the client almost exactly what you ask for, and that is unusual of designers.” With marble countertops in the galley and both lavatories, custom sewn seats with pearlized leather piping, LED lighting, a custom exterior paint job, and every piece of metal plated in polished gold, this palatial plane is in a class of its own.

On top of the intricate interior design details, Cruthis reconfigured the entire interior to expand the standard passenger seating of 12-16, to 19 seats. Other deluxe features include luxury hardware and bath accessories by Sherle Wagner whose clients included former President Richard M. Nixon and a number of celebrities. Because the Deasons fly for both business and pleasure, Cruthis chose a traditional design that is masculine, light, and soft all in one interior.

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