Tips to go from jet lag to jetsetter

There is something magical about boarding a plane and touching ground to a completely different world only hours later. What is not so magical is the near inevitable ensuing jet lag. You might ask yourself how celebrities are able to go from plane to party and still manage to look great for the paparazzi on a daily basis. So to save you on your last-minute get away we are bringing to you our best jet lag beating tips and tricks.

Know the enemy

First things first: why are you suffering from jet lag? There are two simple reasons. Firstly, as magical as international air travel may be it messes up your body’s natural rhythm. You may be able to adjust your watch to a different time zone, but your biological clock is not going to play ball that easy. Secondly, the recycled air will leave you feeling dehydrated. This combo can result in headaches, grogginess, and a general feeling of malaise (not to mention terrible skin).


One of the key things to do is keeping yourself hydrated before, during, and after your flight. Avoid coffee and alcohol for a little while as they will only increase the dehydration process. Instead of a Costa break at the airport, focus on protecting your skin. Don’t wear too much make-up and pack a really good moisturiser in your carry-on bag. Most importantly: do not forget lip balm! Your lips are sensitive and a long flight can be a nightmare for them.


Sleep is an incredibly important step in resetting your biological clock. Unfortunately this does not mean getting into bed as soon as you reach the hotel. As much as it hurts to say: naps aren’t the answer. Set all your clocks to the correct time and jump into the rhythm of your temporary home.​


Naps may not be the answer but getting your vitamin D boost from a day in the sun sure is. Have you travelled to the west? Start your morning fresh and hit the beach, the pool, or the slopes (wherever your trip has taken you). In the afternoon it’s better to stay in the shade (in other words: happy hour, anyone?), this will help you adjust to your current time zone and shift your natural rhythm. If you are travelling to the east it is the exact opposite. Here’s to hoping there’s a poolside bar at your hotel.

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