A closer look at the Smartest Jet in the Sky: Cessna Citation Longitude business jet

Textron Aviation, the Wichita-based division of Textron Inc. announced last week that it’s Cessna Aircraft Co. unit will build its newest business jet — the Cessna Citation Latitude — in the Air Capital. That production promise came about as part of a revised agreement with the state that will help support further Textron Aviation investment in its Wichita facilities.

It was another positive sign out of Textron Aviation — which includes both Cessna and Beechcraft Corp. — which has worked to continue to invest in new products even in the wake of the recession. That includes its newest in-production jet, the Citation Latitude, which the company began delivering in August.​ And there could be more to come for Textron Aviation. Analysts believe the company is working on a large-cabin business jet, possibly multiple variants, that could be announced as early as next month at the National Business Aviation Association annual convention.

With a an estimate unit cost under US$26 million and heralded as 'the smartest jet in the sky,' the Cessna Citation Longitude provides you with everything you could ever want in a business jet. From innovative in-cabin technology and sleek cabin design to smart touch controls and state-of-the-art flight deck technology, the Cessna Citation Longitude takes in-flight luxury to the next level. The project was announced in May 2012. It was perceived as the follow-on development to the now-canceled Cessna Citation Columbus. Its fuselage cross-section (83.25 inch circular section) is the same as the Cessna Citation Latitude. Cessna projected that first delivery would occur in late 2017. The aircraft will have a T-tail empennage, area-rule fuselage contouring, and 30° wing sweep. The engines will be the new Snecma Silvercrest turbofan, rated at 11,000 lb thrust for takeoff. The aluminum wings will incorporate moderate winglets. Construction will be aluminum for both wing and fuselage. The fuselage will be 7 inches shorter and 6 inches narrower than the Cessna Citation Columbus design. General characteristics:

  • Crew: 2+1 optional crew member

  • Capacity: 8-12

  • Length: 87 ft (27 m)

  • Wingspan: 86 ft (26 m)

  • Height: 26 ft (7.9 m)

  • Max takeoff weight: 55,000 lb (24,948 kg)

  • Powerplant: 2 × Snecma Silvercrest SC-2C turbofans, 11,000 lbf (49 kN) thrust each est.


  • Cruise speed: 490 kn (564 mph; 907 km/h)

  • Range: 4,000 nmi (4,603 mi; 7,408 km)

  • Service ceiling: 45,000 ft (14,000 m)


  • Garmin G5000 flight deck

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