Fly around the world? A private jet may be your best bet

Perhaps you are a true traveler of the world. Maybe you have even wondered how long it takes to fly all the way around the world. The truth is that there are numerous variables at play when you try to figure out the amount of time it would take to fly around the world. A decent estimate would be about 40 hours, but this could only be possible if you didn’t have to stop for fuel. Consider how each of these variables would affect the amount of time needed to make the trip.

Starting Location

Your starting location would have a big impact on the time it would take to fly all the way around the world. It would take more time to circle the earth directly around the equator than it would around the North Pole. If you’re looking to make the trip, choose your starting position carefully. If you want it to be authentic, then choose a position near the equator to begin.


The speed of the aircraft will make a big difference when you’re flying around the world. The average commercial aircraft travels at about 550 miles per hour. If you can find a plane that flies faster, then you could cut into your travel time when you fly around the world. In addition to a faster jet, you will also want to make sure the faster jet is comfortable enough for your long flight.

Fuel Mileage

A typical commercial jet can travel roughly 5,000 miles on a full tank of fuel. In order to reduce the amount of time for your trip, you’ll need to find a jet that gets better fuel mileage. You may be able to make it further between stops for fuel. If you are able to increase fuel mileage, you could fly around the world in short order.

Quality of the Plane

Some planes can maintain top speeds for longer periods of time than others. You should do some research to find out which planes are equipped to handle such a monumental task. A private jet may be your best bet if you want to fly around the world in the least amount of time possible. Browse the selection of private jets on our site. You can book the private jet of your choice to help make your dream come true of flying all the way around the world.

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