Embraer Executive Jets starts Legacy 450 deliveries

Embraer Executive Jets has begun deliveries of its newest business jet, the Legacy 450. The first aircraft was delivered to LMG, an industry leader delivering show technology for corporate meetings, trade shows, live broadcasts and specialty events. The US provider of video, audio, lighting and audiovisual support is headquartered in Orlando, with additional offices in Las Vegas, Nashville, Dallas and Detroit.

The Legacy 450 features digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire technology with a best-in-class six-foot-tall flat-floor cabin. The aircraft has met or exceeded all design goals and was recently certified by the world´s major aviation safety agencies. The serialized production began shortly after the Legacy 450 received the aeronautical authorities´ approval and meets the company´s commitment to delivering the first aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The $16.57 million Legacy 450, a shorter variant of the Legacy 500 that entered service a year ago, currently has a 2,575-nm range and a 3,825-foot takeoff distance. Sharing about 95 percent commonality with the 500, the 450 features a six-foot-tall flat-floor cabin. Also like its sibling, the 450 is equipped with digital flight controls and full fly-by-wire technology. As deliveries begin, Embraer working toward extending the range of the 450 to 2,900 nm. The first 450 with the extended range is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2016. Embraer also next year is expected to begin deliveries of the 450 to fractional aircraft operator Flexjet.

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