Mooney Announces a redesigned M20 Acclaim Ultra Aircraft for 2016

Mooney International just released details of an upgraded Acclaim to be certified during 2016. Known as the M20V Acclaim Ultra, the new aeroplane features a second door for the pilot and a composite-wrapped cabin as well as major updates to the avionics and a new interior. The M20V design incorporates a single-piece composite shell that wraps around the cabin, eliminating several rivetted panels and enabling tighter tolerances for the doors and windows, resulting in a quieter cabin.

And for the first time ever, a Mooney includes a pilot-side door, which makes the aircraft easier to get into and out of for both crew and passengers. Both doors are 100 mm longer than that of the standard Acclaim to make access into the back seat better. The avionics are Garmin G1000 including a keypad for data entry similar to that on the Cirrus Perspective system. New soft-touch buttons have been included in a new layout that Mooney says goes a long way toward to goal of an "ergonomically perfect" cabin.

According to Mooney Director of Sales and Marketing Jared Absher, the M20V improves on the Acclaim without taking away any of the performance. "Our customers love the performance and handling characteristics of the Acclaim," he said, "so for 2016 we focused on changes that will broaded our appeal to those looking for a latest generation interior, improved cabin access and professional flight deck to go with our well-known heritage of speed. "Most important, we took the time to re-imagine the aircraft as a whole – and ensure every aspect of it was considered from nose to tail. The result is a Mooney unlike any that has been seen before, and one that will set a new standard for many years to come."

The M20V is powered by a 280-hp Lycoming TSIO-550-G, which gives it a maximum cruising speed of 242 KTAS. Mooney is expecting FAA certification in the second half of 2016. The aircraft will sell for around US$770,000.

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