Embraer rolls out its new tech E190 E2 regional jet (Video)

Embraer has rolled out its first next-generation E-Jet, an E190-E2, at its factory in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The E190-E2’s first flight is slated for the second half of 2016 with first deliveries expected to take place in 2018. The E2s are exclusively powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1900G geared turbofan engines.

Before a crowd of several thousand Embraer employees and invited guests—following flyovers from aircraft from Embraer’s three aviation divisions (commercial jets, executive jets and defense systems) and a welcome greeting from Embraer president and CEO, commercial aviation Paulo Cesar Silva—the doors of hanger F-300 slowly opened to reveal the first assembled prototype of the E190-E2 jet, which gradually rolled out onto the tarmac before stopping, its nose several meters away from the gathered crowd. “The rollout held today [Feb. 25] marks the completion of the assembly of the first E190-E2 and paves the way for the start of the tests that will lead to first flight,” Embraer SVP-operations and COO-commercial aviation Luis Carlos Affonso said.

Four prototypes of the E190-E2 will be created for the aircraft’s certification process. Assembly of the second prototype is underway; it recently had its wing junction completed, Affonso said. “With the world premiere of our second-generation E-Jets … [and] as a result of this event, the market’s interest in the E2 will grow even further,” Silva said. To date, the E2 program has 640 commitments, comprising 267 firm orders and 373 options and purchase rights.

The E2 program was launched in June 2013; Embraer has invested $1.7 billion in the E2 family of aircraft. Two additional E2 aircraft will be developed and introduced over the next several years. Embraer will assemble two prototypes for its E195-E2 campaign, with entry into service expected in 2019, and three prototypes will be built for Embraer’s 175-E2 campaign, with entry into service slated for 2020.

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