Here Are Some Private Jet Amenities You Can Get From Private Air Travel

Let’s face it: flying commercial can be a painful experience. This is why an increasing number of people are choosing private air travel. When you fly on a private jet, your flights are customized to meet your unique needs. While the amenities available on private jets depend upon the specific aircraft you book, here are a few “luxury” amenities you can expect to enjoy:

Lounges – If you’re a small child, then the legroom on a commercial plane is ample. Most private jets feature leather clad, recliner style seats that could easily accommodate two people. These seats are equipped with cushioned headrests and oversized, padded armrests. The seats are also configured, so that everyone has plenty of legroom.

Full Sized Bathrooms – If you have claustrophobia, then going to the bathroom on a commercial flight is out of the question. That can quickly become uncomfortable. When you choose to charter a private jet, the worry becomes a thing of the past. Restroom facilities are much larger, and the fancier ones come equipped with showers.

Meeting Rooms – For many businesspersons, flying is a necessity; however, if too much time is spent in the air, they run the risk of missing important deadlines and meetings. Some jet planes feature roomy meeting rooms that are equipped with surround sound, Wi-Fi access, and built in video systems.

Dedicated Flight Attendants – Whether you need an extra napkin or a blanket to cover your feet while you snooze, these requests and many more will cheerfully be accommodated by your flight’s dedicated staff of flight attendants. Guests who fly on a private jet are catered to throughout the duration of the flight, regardless of the length of their journey.

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