Honda Aircraft Company Receives FAA Production Certificate For HondaJet

The Federal Aviation Administration has signed off on production of the HondaJet. The corporate jets are being built in Greensboro. The FAA "Production Certificate" was presented to HondaJet executives on Friday and formally announced early Monday. The news is the latest in a near-decade long process of North Carolina's successful recruitment to secure HondaJet's new aircraft production as well as engine building, training and support facilities. Selling price is around $4 million.

According to the FAA, a production certificate "is an approval (document) to manufacture duplicate products under an FAA-approved type design (e.g., type certificate or supplemental type certificate). The holder of a production certificate may obtain an airworthiness certificate for aircraft produced under the production certificate without further showing."

The HondaJet certification is for its HA-420 model. "This is a great achievement for our company as an aircraft manufacturer, and it is a very important milestone for ramping up production. Honda Aircraft has demonstrated our commitment to build aircraft of the highest quality and that meet stringent safety requirements," said Honda Aircraft Company CEO Michimasa Fujino in a statement. "We also want to recognize the strong collaboration with the FAA during this rigorous approval process."

HondaJet can now produce, flight test and issue airworthiness certificates for customer deliveries. "Honda's commitment of time, resources and people, and with the adherence to FAA regulations and guidance has provided Honda Aircraft Company the privilege to be awarded a Production Certificate for the HA-420 HondaJet," said Greg Benson, Manager of the FAA's Manufacturing Inspection District Office in Atlanta. "Honda Aircraft Company's continued commitment to quality and safety will solidify its place within the aviation industry. This is certainly a commemorative moment for both Honda Aircraft and the FAA."

HondaJet received crucial FAA type certification in 2015 and made its first customer delivery in December.

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