Embraer Debuts New Evolution Phenom 100

When Embraer Executive Jets introduced the Phenom 100 in 2008, the very light jet (VLJ) was virtually an instant hit with the user community because of its performance, cabin comfort and fight deck technology. By any measure, the clean-sheet design—Embraer’s first—pushed the concept of an entry-level, purpose-built business jet. Fast forward to 2016. Significant improvements to an already strong seller are on the way.

Embraer today revealed that an even more capable derivative, called the Phenom 100 EV, will enter the market in the first half of 2017 with two launch customers: Across, Mexico’s largest aviation-services provider based at Toluca InternationalAirport, and Emirates Flight Training Academy, which Emirates Airline will open later this year to help address the demand for commercial and private pilots. Across has a firm order for seven, and Emirates placed a firm order for five, with options for five more Phenom 100 EVs. All are conversions from previous orders in recent months for Pheonom 100 jets.

The Phenom 100 EV, capable of single-pilot operation, is powered by modifiedPratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E engines that offer more speed and up to 15 percent greater thrust at hot-and-high airports. The upgrade equates to more range and a faster time to climb. The four-occupant aircraft currently has range of 1,178 nm, with NBAA IFR reserves. It also comes equipped with a new avionics suite with the touch screen-controlled Prodigy Touch flight deck, based on theGarmin GRMN +11.66% G3000, with larger high-definition displays, split screen capability and a more capable weather radar. The cabin interior, already one of the roomiest in its class, features various enhancements. These include a new floor sill, featuring a straight-line design to increase the aisle area. Power outlets with USB chargers have been relocated, and buyers will be able to choose from among 11 interior design collections. Like the current model, the Phenom 100 EV, retains large windows, even in the private lavatory, that provide abundant natural light.

Across CEO Pedro Corsi Amerlinck said: “As Mexico’s premier air charter solutions provider, our customers expect a world-class experience. Now, with the addition of the Phenom 100 EV to our fleet, our customer will enjoy the unmatched cabin comfort of Embraer’s oval lite cross section, as well as the largest baggage capacity in the [VLJ] segment, all while flying non-stop routes, such as Toluca to Houston and Toluca to Cancun.” Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ executive vice president and chief operating officer, said: “We selected the Phenom 100 because we considered it to be the entry-level jet that will offer trainees unmatched systems integration and ease of operation, a high-utilization design, low operating costs, airliner-grade performance and docile flying characteristics. Our cadets will benefit from next-generation technology, speed and thrust for their training missions in the Phenom 100 EV.”

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