Clarifying Some Misconceptions About Private Jets

The idea of flying on a private jet sounds impractical and far-fetched to many businesspeople. Many feel that it is an option that is only available to very wealthy individuals or to large corporations. In reality, private jet charter services can be cost-effective for a variety of business needs. Here are five commonly held myths about private jet charter services, some of which might surprise you.

1. Private jets are only for luxurious vacations taken by the rich and famous.

In reality, a majority of all private jet charter services are hired for business usage. Private jets make it possible for businesspeople to be much more flexible when traveling, and provide service to literally hundreds of airports that commercial airlines do not service. This puts employees and executives on the ground closer to where they need to be, saving companies time and money. The savings generated by paying less for ground transportation and accommodations and spending less company time can be substantial. Employees are also free to bypass the agonizingly long airport security lines, saving company time and improving employee satisfaction.

2. All airports are created equal

Commercial airports are burdened with extensive security measures and more stringent requirements because they serve a much larger group of people. As anyone knows who has traveled with a commercial airline, the process can be extremely time consuming and stressful for air travelers.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the long lines and headaches of commercial flight: smaller regional airports far fewer travelers, making them much more enjoyable to travel through. In addition, they are often located much more conveniently throughout the country, and thus can provide more rapid access to smaller locales where you conduct business. There are approximately 450 standard commercial airports among the 50 U.S. states. This leaves a lot of the country with no immediate access to commercial airlines. However, there are more than 3,000 general aviation facilities throughout the U.S., and all of these can be reached by private jet charter services.

3. Pricing for private jet charter services is confusing

In fact, pricing for private jets is very easy to understand. It can often be easier and more transparent than booking an airline ticket with a commercial airline. Individuals or businesses chartering private jet charter services get to know the total cost upfront, unlike many commercial airlines that may charge hidden fees for checked bags, carry-on bags, overweight bags, ticket check-in, or in-flight blankets and food.

4. Private jets aren’t as safe as commercial aircraft

Just as commercial flight, private aviation is strictly regulated by FAA safety standards. The FAA makes use of both regularly scheduled inspections and surprise inspections to carefully monitor the operation of private jet charter services. In addition, it’s not just the FAA that tabulates safety inspection scores. There are outside inspection firms, like Wyvern, that do this as well. These third-party inspection agencies score everything from pilot training to plane maintenance, and ensure private jet charter services are held accountable.

5. Private jet travel is too expensive

Cost is the primary concern for most businesses, so this issue is especially important. However, in many cases, the per-person costs of private jet travel are equivalent to first class flight tickets, with the added benefits of saving company time. Private jet charter services can usually fly directly to the location where you need to carry out business. This saves company time and money, and car rentals can often be bypassed. There’s an additional benefit to private jet travel that may be even more beneficial to your company’s bottom line: on a private jet, your team can continue to work together in private during the course of the flight, something almost impossible to do on a commercial flight. This makes the travel time itself productive, and is yet another reason private jet travel can be cost-effective, or even a cost-saver, for your company.

Now that you see how easily these myths can be debunked, it’s time to start thinking about how private jet. travel might be the ideal solution for your company’s travel needs.

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